Advantum Partners

Innovation & Transformation for the Platform Economy

Who we are

Our international team of 20+ experts spans the globe. They combine a unique blend of capabilities in business and digital strategy, technology and organisational transformation. This expertise has been built in consulting, the corporate world, in the startup, blockchain and crypto assets space, in global research organisations and leading institutions as well as in venture capital.

What we do

We help our clients to innovate and transform. How to navigate Industry and Technology convergence ? what is next in the platform economy?  How to position in a world of “everything as a service?” are typical questions.

Our approach is to jointly specify a Target Picture for (Digital) Transformation covering the  areas:

  • Products & Services: coming from the customer perspective we look for new options to solve their challenges in a better way compared to existing solutions
  • Operating Models: In this area we focus on processes and governance, i.e. the tasks, rules, KPI, line & bodies organization to effectively develop and deliver products & services with high efficiency
  • Business Models: We cover all aspects around monetization

Following the Target Picture development we support to build the People and Technology Capabilities required to execute and define the roadmap towards this Target Picture. In the area of Technologies our focus is on developing a clear understanding of their relations and implications on business and organization.

Our guiding principle is to embed transformation capabilities in our clients organizational DNA so that they establish an agile organization.


We are developing intellectual capital  with leading experts – practitioners and researchers.

For all aspects related to the new foundational technology Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Crypto Assets we closely collaborate with the Untitled INC – Think Tank & Ventures for the Distributed Economy 

Stay tuned for more to come.



While we are busy in client projects we are also developing our web presence. In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us directly and drop us a line at



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