Token Classification Framework

On this page, we maintain the current version of the Token Classification Framework. You can read all about its creation and learn how it works on our blog or on Medium. 

Current Version of the TCF: 1.0

For a high-resolution version of the framework, right-click on the picture below and save it. 

The TCF is published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, so you can use and modify it freely, as long as you link back to this page and/or mention Untitled INC as the source. You can’t, however, use the framework for commercial purposes without our consent. Let’s be a bit more precise what is okay and what isn’t.

You may for instance:

  • post the TCF on your blog or social media
  • include the TCF in an editorial publication that is freely accessible on the web (even if you sell ads against your content)
  • include the TCF in presentations or workshops you give (even if you are paid for doing so, as long as the TCF isn’t the main content of the appearance)
  • print out the TCF to give it away at a meetup
  • create an altered version of the framework and publish it in a freely accessible way.
You need our explicit consent if, for instance:
  • you want to publish the TCF in a paid-for publication 
  • you want to include the TCF on a website that aims to sell your services
  • you want to sell the TCF in any way, shape or form.

In case you’re interested in doing one of the latter, just drop us a line at tcf ‘at’ untitled-inc ‘dot’ com.