Meet the Members . . .

The member profiles featured below provide a snapshot on the diverse background and expertise of Untitled INC members who work together in projects and ventures.

Dr. Oliver Krause | Untitled INC
Tokenomics, Use Case Consulting, Investment & Asset Management
Dr Clara Billek | Untitled-INC
Legal & Regulatory Blockchain Frameworks, Blockchain in Automotive/IoT
Dr. Karl-Michael Henneking | Untitled-INC
Evaluation & Investment, Crypto Regulation, Opportunity & Risk Assessment
Peter Milan Trapp | Untitled-INC Member
System design, Crypto Economics, Crypto Regulation, Venture building
Stipe Maric | Untitled-INC
Tokenomics, Use Case Consulting & Fundraising
Daniel Pietsch | Untitled-INC
DLT Evaluation, Crypto Investment, Blockchain Use Cases
Simon Schaber | Untitled-INC
DLT Evaluation, Asset Management, Investing
Torsten Hoffmann | Untitled-INC
Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant
Jonas Rubel | Untitled-INC
Distributed Technologies, User Experience, Technical Writing
Thomas Euler | Untitled-INC
System Design, Decentralized Organization, Network Value Models
Gregor Harter | Untitled-INC
DLT Investment
Michael Sung | Untitled-INC
Digital Finance, Fintech, Blockchain Venture Builder & Investor
Zing Yang | Untitled-INC
Blockchain & Crypto Investment
Frank Ritz | Untitled-INC
Development, Artificial Intelligence, IoT
Mark Turrell | Untitled-INC
Tokens, Crypto Assets
Andrea Bianconi | Untitled-INC
Cryptos, Blockchain & Law - CFO & BoD of ThinkBlockTank - Untitled-INC Distributed Economy Experts Venture Launchpad
Daniel Pichler | Untitled-INC
Startup Investments, Decentralized Business Models, Cryptoeconomics
Ferdinand Regner | Untitled-INC
Academic Research, Asset Management, Investment Evaluation
Eyal Shani | Untitled-INC
Incentive Mechanisms, Blockchain Economics, Research Engineer
Moritz Stumpf | | Untitled-INC
Asset Tokenization | NFT | DeFi | Dao
Prof. Dr. Andranik Tumasjan | Untitled-INC
Professor, Academic Advisor
Leon Erichsen | Untitled-INC
Venture and Investment Analyst, Hacker
Evgeny Zasorin | Untitled-INC
Asset Management, Venture Capital, Startup Investments
Diana Himmelreich | Untitled-INC
Creative Economy, Design | Art | Photography | NFT
Members | Untitled-INC
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