Blockchain in Proptech

Ongoing research study for the proptech / Real Estate space. We conducted a meta study of all relevant blockchain findings and asked dedicated blockchain teams and tech-savy property managers and investors how blockchain can distrupt this trillion dollars industry and asset class through currently identified 13 use cases!

Blockchain in Automotive

DLT offers car manufacturers, suppliers and adjacent service providers across the automotive ecosystem, a range of opportunities and potential benefits. DLT is perceived as the enabler for vehicles to receive and carry out all manner of instructions and transactions autonomously, and across multiple constituencies. We analysed 7 use cases and synthesized the roadblocks, opportunities and plays to win in this game!

Blockchain in Telecoms

How does the telecoms industry innovate with blockchain? How does the 'kids on the block' with almost $ 2bn funding shake up the game? We analysed blockchain startups along 7 use-cases ranging from marketplaces, encryption to data & IoT connectivity. Find out more about these blockchain startups and how telecoms giants are applying DLT!