The ventures featured below illustrate where our members are active as founders, investors, and advisors. There is more. Reach out and let us explore touchpoints.

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gr33nBASE | Fuel-Swap
The Web3 Marketplace for Green Transformation products & solutions, Carbon Credits as well as Project and Venture Investments, with Buyers, Producers & Investors as Co-owners. Raising a seed round.

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U I E | Untitled Investment Expertise
Advisory Services Untitled
Investment Expertise
Advise and Insights for Professional Investors


Google for Blockchain: The Elementus Blockchain Intelligence Platform gives a complete view into the flow of funds at the most granular level, empowering organizations to strategically use blockchain data with ease. Successfully raised a series A+.


Token Research Collaborative
Platform for Token Engineering & Analysis launched by Token Economy Experts. Join our Token Economy analyst cour


Smape | Smart Perspectives
A Token Venture Capital Fund with an institutional-grade investment approach. Open for further LPs larger funds who want to gain exposure in Web3


Yield for the World. Fuel for DeFi. A DAO that allows the design of custom risk-managed Defi Portfolios. Seeking further institutional partners.


Web3 white-label Software-as-a-Service Fan Engagement solution for Sports and the creator economy. Top clients in sports and building traction in the creator economy. Additional dedicated Digital Securities Financing pLatform. Raising a series A.


Whitelabel institutional grade and compliant tokenization as a service platform with a marketplace: successful launches of NFT projects, security tokens in the of area renewable energy, and more. Raising a series A.


Meta Game Hub
The One Stop Shop for the Metaverse: a DAO with tools


Untitled-INC | ARTIST-Made Logo


#ThinkART –  #LiveART –  #BeART
Art & Design Items & Collections Market Place powered by Community Tokens & NFTs