The ventures featured below illustrate where our members are active as founders, investors, and advisors. There is more. Reach out and let us explore touchpoints.
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gr33nBASE | Fuel-Swap
The Web3 Marketplace for Green Transformation products & solutions, Carbon Credits as well as Project and Venture Investments, with Buyers, Producers & Investors as Co-owners. Raising a seed round. Fuel-Swap is the first vertical and focusing on Cabon Neutral Fuels as a complementary solution to e-mobility


Web3 white-label Software-as-a-Service Fan Engagement solution for Sports and the creator economy. Top clients in sports and building traction in the creator economy. Additional dedicated Digital Securities Financing pLatform. Raising a series A.

Untitled-INC | UIE Logo

U I E | Untitled Investment Expertise
Advisory Services Untitled
Investment Expertise Advise and Insights for Professional Investors


Token Research Collaborative
Platform for Token Engineering & Analysis launched by Token Economy Experts. Join our Token Economy analyst cour


Yield for the World. Fuel for DeFi. A DAO that allows the design of custom risk-managed Defi Portfolios. Seeking further institutional partners.


Smape | Smart Perspectives
A Token Venture Capital Fund with an institutional-grade investment approach. Open for further LPs larger funds who want to gain exposure in Web3


Whitelabel institutional grade and compliant tokenization as a service platform with a marketplace: successful launches of NFT projects, security tokens in the of area renewable energy, and more. Raising a series A.


Power to the creators | All ART
ALL.ART empowers all artists to succeed in the realm of NFTs. The ALL.ART universe of products unleashes creators from the constraints and limitations of the analogue world, giving them unrestricted access to today’s and tomorrow’s metaverses.


Google for Blockchain: The Elementus Blockchain Intelligence Platform gives a complete view into the flow of funds at the most granular level, empowering organizations to strategically use blockchain data with ease. Successfully raised a series A+.


Meta Game Hub
The One Stop Shop for the Metaverse: a DAO with tools

A Web3.0 investment platform that enables investors to co-invest with experienced investors, vote on investment decisions, and make instant fund transfers.

Untitled-INC | ARTIST-Made Logo


#ThinkART –  #LiveART –  #BeART
Art & Design Items & Collections Market Place powered by Community Tokens & NFTs