The member profiles featured below provide a snapshot on the diverse background and expertise of Untitled INC members who work together in projects and ventures.

Dr. Oliver Krause | Untitled INC
Tokenomics, Use Case Consulting, Investment & Asset Management
Dr Clara Billek | Untitled-INC
Legal & Regulatory Blockchain Frameworks, Blockchain in Automotive/IoT
Dr. Karl-Michael Henneking | Untitled-INC
Evaluation & Investment, Crypto Regulation, Opportunity & Risk Assessment
Peter Milan Trapp | Untitled-INC Member
System design, Crypto Economics, Crypto Regulation, Venture building
Stipe Maric | Untitled-INC
Tokenomics, Use Case Consulting & Fundraising
Daniel Pietsch | Untitled-INC
DLT Evaluation, Crypto Investment, Blockchain Use Cases
Simon Schaber | Untitled-INC
DLT Evaluation, Asset Management, Investing
Torsten Hoffmann | Untitled-INC
Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, Consultant
Jonas Rubel | Untitled-INC
Distributed Technologies, User Experience, Technical Writing
Thomas Euler | Untitled-INC
System Design, Decentralized Organization, Network Value Models
Gregor Harter | Untitled-INC
DLT Investment
Michael Sung | Untitled-INC
Digital Finance, Fintech, Blockchain Venture Builder & Investor
Zing Yang | Untitled-INC
Blockchain & Crypto Investment
Frank Ritz | Untitled-INC
Development, Artificial Intelligence, IoT
Mark Turrell | Untitled-INC
Tokens, Crypto Assets
Andrea Bianconi | Untitled-INC
Cryptos, Blockchain & Law - CFO & BoD of ThinkBlockTank - Untitled-INC Distributed Economy Experts Venture Launchpad
Daniel Pichler | Untitled-INC
Startup Investments, Decentralized Business Models, Cryptoeconomics
Ferdinand Regner | Untitled-INC
Academic Research, Asset Management, Investment Evaluation
Eyal Shani | Untitled-INC
Incentive Mechanisms, Blockchain Economics, Research Engineer
Moritz Stumpf | | Untitled-INC
Asset Tokenization | NFT | DeFi | Dao
Prof. Dr. Andranik Tumasjan | Untitled-INC
Professor, Academic Advisor
Greg Gonastarev | Untitled-INC
Tokenomics Design Advisor | Finance | Web3
Evgeny Zasorin | Untitled-INC
Asset Management, Venture Capital, Startup Investments
Diana Himmelreich | Untitled-INC
UX/UI & Brand Design | Web3 | ReFi | Sustainability
Members | Untitled-INC
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With 25+ years of experience in Innovation and Transformation from roles in the consulting, corporates, startups and VC, I am fascinated by the opportunities of distributed ledger and blockchain technology. I can leverage my expertise on specification and execution of transformation programs regarding new products & services, operating models (governance, processes, IT, line & bodies organization), and business models with technology and by building the required capabilities. DLT is a foundational socio-economic technology innovation with significant impact not only on efficiency of existing operating models but more importantly on future products and services as well as business models. The winners will nbe those organizations that figure ot how to build token econmies on top of the internet.  Untitled INC offers a unique opportunity to shape the future of the decentralized economy with a truly international, diverse and knowledgeable team of experts.

Always fascinated by the innovative tech space, I have become a BC enthusiast over the course of the past years. With a background in law and as an entrepreneur I have worked for and managed projects in the field of legal tech, communication (M2M), digital health & lifestyle and the automotive industry (IoT), for all of which the utilization of BC technology has been on the agenda.
I believe that in the transition from the physical to the digital world, this groundbreaking technology offers the chance to shift the power dynamic away from centralized companies, back to users and the community.
With its diverse group of highly powered, professional, passionate, accomplished and entrepreneurial BC-experts, Untitled INC is an exceptional launch-pad to think, ideate, implement and execute BC Initiatives and ventures.

With a background in strategy consulting, digital transformation, company building and venture capital, it was almost inevitable that blockchain caught my interest. I’m fascinated by how fast this ecosystem evolves and what new disruptive opportunities arise – from ICO/STO/IEO’s as an alternative funding mechanism to tokenizing assets and the power of immutability. My credo: Never walk alone in unknown territory. So it’s amazing to be part of an international team with a broad range of skills like we have at Untitled Inc. We understand almost all facets of the game – be it technology, investments, regulation, use cases or any newly emerging field in the blockchain/DLT space.

Background in economics and law, with work experience in investment banking and managment consulting, now navigating with a great team at Untitled INC the initiatives around DLT through the complexity of economy, society and technology. I am excited to combine my vivid curiosity for this new technology with an hands-on approach, clarifying structure and meaningful purpose.

20+ years at the frontier of telecoms & technology innovation, with roles in top-tier management consulting, M&A, start-ups and corporates. 
Advised dozens of leading global TMT (telecom, media, technology) companies and private equity funds throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Latin America
Launched and/or supported multiple start-ups and scale-ups across industries: tech, media, financial, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, hospitality

For the past years I worked on projects in CRM, digital transformation, and participated in organizing numerous tech fairs and startup events. I’ve always been interested in the innovative and educative atmosphere of startups, which naturally led to my involvement in the Berlin crypto, blockchain, IoT and DLT scene. The Blockchain and DLT ecosystem is best represented in the Community of Untitled INC: being a decentralized organization and a diverse field of experts, it is a perfect team to explore this emerging field.

I’m an autodidact investor in a variety of asset classes, including cryptocurrency. Also, I teach courses on different subjects at various MOOC platforms. My first contact with blockchain technology was Ethereum in its early days. I found the implications for the global flow of information, capital and supply chains fascinating. Untitled INC with it’s decentralized structure is just what I was looking for in my journey to dive deeper into the possibilities that decentralized ledger technologies promise to uncover.

Torsten is passionate about media, technology, FinTech. He is a serial media entrepreneur, an award-winning filmmaker and an investor in technology start-ups. He has published a book, produced several documentaries, spoken at the world’s largest media events and has lived and worked on four continents. Currently, Torsten is promoting his latest documentary “Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet” globally. This documentary won 16 awards at international film festivals incl at an Academy Award qualifying event and will reach more than 400 million TV households globally.

Previously Torsten gained management experience at one of Europe’s largest cable TV operators. He holds an MBA degree from the University of Oxford and frequently works as freelance consultant

After finishing my chemistry studies I used my scientific background to study blockchain and DAG technology in depth. Through working for a non-profit foundation building a privacy-focused blockchain platform I know both sides of the medal, building a platform and putting it to use. I like to break down complex matters in its parts, as I believe truly understanding something means being able to explain it in simple terms.   I consider the true potential of distributed technology to still be mostly untapped. I am proud to be part of Untitled INC, enabling a more decentralized and trust-minimized economy and giving more power to the user.

Thomas Euler

System Design | Decentralized Organization | Network Value Models

For the past 10+ years, I’ve helped many clients – global corporations, SMEs, and startups – from various industries with their digital strategy and transformation. My main subjects are internet business models, antifragile organization and the attention economy, about which I regularly publish as well. I’ve long been interested in decentralized systems, so I naturally researched the blockchain space from early on. Untitled INC, being a decentralized organization, is the perfect team to explore this emerging field with.

With more than 25+ years of experience in strategy consulting and investment management in the industries Telecommunications, Media/Entertainment and IT, I was fortunate enough to be at the forefront of new technologies. Distributed Ledger Technology allows groundbreaking opportunities in its potential to disrupt business models and even companies and economies. While corporations are dealing with digitisation of their processes, we want to invest in high-potential DLT because we believe that the Tokenization is the Digitisation of  everything.

Untitled-INC is a very strong network of reputable experts of many different fields, that is needed to capture the disruptive potential of DLT.

Prof. Michael Sung is a technology venture builder and investor, having founded various companies in diverse high-tech industries ranging from AI, blockchain, semiconductor, and new materials industries. He is the Chairman of CarbonBlue Innovations, a cross-border tech-transfer and venture building platform that is focused on rapidly commercialising and scaling internationally-sourced blockchain, fintech, and digital finance innovation to developing countries. He has a strong background in cross-border technology transfer, strategic industry engagement, commercialisation strategy, business model innovation, and hi-tech entrepreneurship.
Prof. Michael Sung is also the founding co-director of the Fudan Fanhai Fintech Research Center at the Fanhai International School of Finance at Fudan University. His applied research includes digital finance, fintech policy & regulation, AI and Blockchain innovation, digital asset investment banking, asset-backed securitisation, tokenomics systems, digital economy business model innovation, and cryptoeconomics. In addition, Prof. Sung is faculty at the Chinese Institute of Economics and Finance, a national-level think tank focused on thought leadership for finance innovation and fintech policy and best practices.

Zing has over a decade of investment management experience spanning private equity, public equities, venture capital and token investments. Her regional expertise is in Southeast Asia where she has built companies, blockchain ecosystem networks, investor networks, advised companies and helped with strategy, business model design and fundraising efforts. She is also currently on the Board of Directors at the Litecoin Foundation. She is fascinated by decentralisation, tokenisation and the future of work, and Untitled INC with its global team of experts, diverse skills and deep knowledge bench guided by strong purpose, values and long-term thinking, is a great group to explore this nascent field with.

With a background in technology consulting, digital transformation, agile project & requirements management, system/software technology & methods, and company building it was almost inevitable that blockchain/DLT, machine learning and even microcontroller-driven applications caught my interest. I’m fascinated by how fast this ecosystem evolves and what new disruptive opportunities arise; and, as an experienced algorithmic assets trader, I’m shocked how unprepared public blockchains are applied and arise. My credo: Begin communication with the end in your mind. Being part of a distributed team with a broad range of skills like we have at Untitled INC provides various experiences and knowledge. Together we grow our understanding of this game-changing technology.

In my field of consulting and teaching on scaling, I am fascinated by the new opportunities provided by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.  At Untitled Inc I find a like-minded team of experts to drive joint projects as well as initiatives like the One World Blockchain Forum which we launched as a side event to the Word Economic Forum in Davos together with other Young Global Leaders. I can leverage almost 2 decades of experience as a co-founder of Imaginatik plc, a pioneer in crowdsourcing and collaborative problem solving for innovation as well as my work as a founder of Vork, a business social networking app.

I am an international business lawyer with over two decades experience.
Founder, CFO and Board Member of
Member and/or contributor of, and
Scholar of economics, monetary history and geopolitics, a believer in the future of Bitcoin and Blockchain based technologies. Consultant to the sector and speaker/panelist at conferences and events.

Utilizing my diverse background of business and tech, I began studying cryptocurrencies in 2012 while working in Colombia. I recognized the technology’s potential for changing our way of life in many ways. Hopeful that the startup & innovation industry can change for the world economy, I now worked for years to foster entrepreneurship and corporate innovation in Europe. With Untitled INC, I want to take the spirit of paradigm shifts and the decentralization of several aspects of the economy to the next level.

Spending my whole life at the intersection of IT and finance, blockchain technology was a natural fit and my clear focus for the past years. Recognizing the technology’s potential to not just change the world of business but also society, I got involved in Ethereum as early as 2014 and followed the rapid development of the community ever since. As part of my Master’s degree at TU Munich (TUM), I undertake academic research in Token classification, Token-issuance design parameters, and Non-fungible tokens. As part of Untitled INC my aim is to bring scientific objectivity and rational analysis to the ecosystem.

I’ve always been inspired by game theory and its influence on all aspects of our lives. Blockchain is what happens when mathematicians rebel and aim to disrupt anything from payments to geopolitics. Today, after 10 years of experience across software development, mathematical game theory and blockchain research coupled with business and entrepreneurial experience, I’m part of the revolution. I’m helping startups develop blockchain products, design off-chain solutions, analyze consensus models together with researching decentralized revenue models, conducting due diligence and shaping the investment thesis for VCs. Together with Untitled INC, I hope to help shape this growing new industry.

Moritz is an experienced IT professional, innovation expert, tech strategist, network builder, community lover and lateral thinker. 

He is passionate about disruptive technologies (Blockchain, IoT, AI, big data, etc), innovation, digital proccesses, transformational change and related implications for business models, economy & society. 

He has an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for constant learning.

As a professor of management and digital transformation at the University of Mainz, my work centers on novel organizational, leadership, and business models in the digital age. The potential of blockchain technology for enabling novel decentralized business models has been a major focus of my work over the past 3 years. Untitled INC provides a great context for knowledge creation and application in this field.

Greg is a seasoned professional with a proven track record in the field of tokenomics and blockchain consulting. He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of cutting-edge tokenomics strategies, and am well-versed in the latest industry trends and developments.

Since graduation, I have launched two tech projects and co-founded a company in the domain of SaaS analytics. Thereafter I transitioned to venture capital where I have spent the last 3 years and was part of setting up a first-time VC fund. Along with supporting investment decisions in tech startups, I was heavily involved in the operations of the fund, which included back office management, investor relations, and investment controlling. Together with the Untitled INC community, I am curious to explore the possibilities of transforming the industry of venture capital and innovation financing.

Passionate about design, innovation, and sustainability. Fascinated by Web3 topics such as Blockchain, NFTs, Bitcoin, Token Economy, and innovative tech like AI, with humanity in mind.

I am a UX/UI | Web & Visual Brand Designer. I believe design happens where style, functionality, and technology go hand in hand creating remarkable experiences for people.

→ Before embarking on this exciting journey, I had the incredible opportunity to work as an architect-designer. This diverse background has allowed me to cultivate a keen eye for detail, understand deeply the user-centered design principles, and be able to create captivating visual experiences that bridge the gap between form and function. It also allowed me to be able to take concepts to final prototypes whether working independently or as part of a team, as well as to dig deep in sustainability topics such as green buildings, smart houses, smart cities, which are today the foundation of my affinity for climate & tech.

→ For brand visual concept developments, I strive to unlock the value of businesses, or personal images, to create that visual element that tells the story.

→ In addition, I’m a self-taught architecture photographer, member of NFT & ReFi-Talents, and active traveler.