Distributed Economy Update #1

This is the web version of our new newsletter, Distributed Economy Update. Distributed Economy Update is a multi-author newsletter with recurring sections. Each contributor regularly covers one or several topics that s/he is concerned with in her daily life. The topics are particular aspects of the crypto/blockchain/web3 world. The categories will either focus on specific … Read moreDistributed Economy Update #1

Distributed Economy Update #1 | Deutsch

Das ist die Webversion unseres neuen Newsletters, Distributed Economy Upadte. Distributed Economy Update ist ein Multi-Autor-Newsletter mit diversen Rubriken. Jeder Autor deckt regelmäßig ein oder mehrere Themen ab, mit denen er sich professionell beschäftigt. Die Themen sind spezifische Aspekte der Krypto/Blockchain/Web3-Welt. Die Kategorien konzentrieren sich entweder auf bestimmte Branchen, Märkte oder Subthemen des weiten Ökosystems. … Read moreDistributed Economy Update #1 | Deutsch

Blockchain, Telecoms, Smartphones: Do they match on tinder?

If it comes to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, you might first think of Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and the banking industry, but most probably not about telecommunications. So, no match on tinder? By no means. We illustrate this first by having a closer look on devices for telecommunications, i.e. blockchain enabled or ‘crypto’ smartphones. In further … Read moreBlockchain, Telecoms, Smartphones: Do they match on tinder?

Blockchain, Telekommunikation, Handys: Da tindert was …

Wenn man an Blockchain und Distributed Ledger Technologie denkt, dann wahrscheinlich nicht als erstes an Telekommunikation, sondern eher an Kryptowährungen und die Finanzbranche. Tote Hose in der Telekommunikation? Mitnichten. Das wollen wir in diesem und weiteren Beitrag beleuchten, wobei der Fokus zunächst einmal auf Telekommunikationsendgeräten, d.h. Smartphones mit Blockchain Funktionalität liegen wird. Telekommunikationsdienste, Anwendungen zur … Read moreBlockchain, Telekommunikation, Handys: Da tindert was …

The Automotive fuelled by Blockchain?

Intro The tremendous hype surrounding Distributed-Ledger-Technologies (DLT) such as blockchain tends to thinly veil that they are still immature within a market that is just emerging. The majority of executives are still looking for clear concepts for success and a detailed understanding of the relevance and value of applications. Despite many uncertainties, blockchain is bound … Read moreThe Automotive fuelled by Blockchain?

New Kids on the Block Disrupting Telecoms?

This publication is based on research we conducted over the last couple of months at the intersection of blockchain and telecoms. My Untitled INC fellows Dr. Oliver Krause, Gregor Harter, Peter Milan Trapp, Thomas Euler and Simon Schaber provided very valuable feedback and inputs to the analysis. What is covered here presents only a small part of … Read moreNew Kids on the Block Disrupting Telecoms?

ICOs are Dead, Long Live ICOs!

Round Table Talk Cube-Tech Fair, May 16th 2018

This is a brief summary of the round table my colleague Oliver Krause from Untitled-INC and me moderated at the Cube Tech Fair in May in Berlin.Let’s wrap up the round table in the form of a fictitious interview …

Read moreICOs are Dead, Long Live ICOs!

Introducing Untitled INC: A Network Organization Dedicated to the Distributed Economy & Blockchain Space.

Today, I am happy to announce the official launch of Untitled INC. We are a network organization focused on the distributed economy and blockchain space. Over the past year, we assembled a great team of driven individuals, learnt to collaborate in a decentralized manner, and worked on several projects in the field.

Now, we feel the time is right to tell you more about us. So, let me introduce you to Untitled INC.

Read moreIntroducing Untitled INC: A Network Organization Dedicated to the Distributed Economy & Blockchain Space.