Untitled INC is a distributed economy think tank and venture launch pad.

We are experienced professionals and domain experts. 

We have a holistic perspective on the socio-economic technology innovation of blockchain and the Token-economy. What is the impact on Products and Services, the Operating and the Business Models? Which People and Technology capabilities are requires to innovate and transform? These are some of our key guiding questions. Our perspective is on technology as well as on its implications on business and society. We use our collective know-how to launch ventures and initiatives and deliver high impact projects.

What we do at Untitled INC

As an interdisciplinary network, we assemble teams to work on complex challenges that require knowledge from different areas. We work in close collaboration with our clients at the frontier of digital transformation and innovation on a brad range of topcis:

  1. Products & Services
  2. Operating & Business Models
  3. Technology Assessment & Selection
  4. Proof of Concept & Solutions
  5. Venture & Ecosystem Building
  6. Investment Due Diligence & Fundraising
  7. Governance & Transformation
  8. ….and more

Our approach is coined by strong project management, visionary thinking and laser focus to get things done.  

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 Our core team has a great network in the Blockchain & DLT space: developers, lawyers, corporate leaders, founders, investors, analysts, technology providers, thought leaders and many more. When it comes to complex projects, we leverage our network to bring the right people on board.

Some of our colleagues are active in blockchain technologies since 2012. We are mainly located in Europe and Asia. Find out more about our colleagues and how we work together and why you should join the untitled inc team.

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Blockchain & DLT


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Use case-related studies & workshops

Blockchain in proptech

Ongoing research study for the proptech / Real Estate space. We conducted a meta study of all relevant blockchain findings and asked dedicated blockchain teams and tech-savy property managers and investors how blockchain can distrupt this trillion dollars industry and asset class through currently identified 13 use cases!

Blockchain in automotive

DLT offers car manufacturers, suppliers and adjacent service providers across the automotive ecosystem, a range of opportunities and potential benefits. DLT is perceived as the enabler for vehicles to receive and carry out all manner of instructions and transactions autonomously, and across multiple constituencies. We analysed 7 use cases and synthesized the roadblocks, opportunities and plays to win in this game!

Blockchain in telecoms

How does the telecoms industry innovate with blockchain? How does the 'kids on the block' with almost $ 2bn funding shake up the game? We analysed blockchain startups along 7 use-cases ranging from marketplaces, encryption to data & IoT connectivity. Find out more about these blockchain startups and how telecoms giants are applying DLT!

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