Untitled INC is a distributed economy think tank and venture launch pad. We are organized as network and our members are experienced professionals and domain experts. 

We understand the emerging blockchain space holistically – ranging from the technology to its implications on business and society – and use our collective know-how to launch  ventures and initiatives and deliver high impact projects.

Current ventures and initiatives include:

  • Advantum Partners – Distributed Economy Experts I Use Case Consulting I ICO Advisory I Investment Advisory www.advantum.global
  • CoinMarketReg – Linking the crypto economy to local jurisdictions www.coinmarketreg.com
  • Blockchain Research Accelerator – Connecting academia , the blockchain eco system and the real economy www.blockchain-research-accelerator.com
  • ICO 360 – A method and toolset to identify and develop quality ICO’s for investors
  • Blockchain Disrupt – a meetup group initiated by our Berlin hub for events covering the space

Multi-Faceted Team

Our international team combines a unique blend of capabilities in business and digital strategy, cryptoeconomics and blockchain (DLT), legal, technology and organisational transformation. This expertise has been built in consulting, the corporate world, the startup & crypto space, academics, and in venture capital.

High Energy

We are currently working full-time in many fields of the distributed economy. We deliver client projects, develop our own products, ventures and initiatives, and do mandated research.

If you face a challenge in the space, we are happy to learn more. Get in touch to find out if we can help you!

Applicable Know-how

We work with leading experts in the distributed economy - practitioners and researchers alike - to collect and share in-depth knowledge. But we don't stop there. We turn the information into actionable solutions that drive success.


Gregor Harter

Zing Yang

Peter Milan Trapp

Dr. Oliver Krause

Dr. Karl-Michael Henneking

Dr. Gorazd Ocvirk

Thomas Euler 2 scaled

Thomas Euler

Daniel Pichler

Prof. Dr. Andranik Tumasjan

Frank Ritz

Andrea Bianconi

Simon Schaber

Daniel Pietsch

Mark Turrell

Extended Network

Our core team has a great network in the blockchain space. We maintain excellent relationships to people from all areas of the blockchain industry: developers, lawyers, corporate leaders, founders, investors, analysts, technology providers, thought leaders and many more. When it comes to complex projects, we leverage our network to bring the right people on board conveniently.

What We Do

Blockchain Venture Building

We build commercial blockchain ventures. In the process, we identify attractive market opportunities, prototype the service, the cryptoeconomic model, and handle the implementation

DLT Use Case Development

Private and consortial blockchains can be interesting solutions in corporate environments. For instance in supply chain management, IoT projects, or machine-to-machine scenarios. We develop and implement solutions that drive efficiency.


We invest in digital assets. We also advise selected funds and going forward we are building a Venture Fund to bring together our expertise in VC and DLT with our direct access to founders and makers. As reputable thought leaders in this field we support high-potential layer-1 protocols that develop competitive use-cases for real-life applications. 

Knowledge Transfer

Many organizations are just beginning to explore blockchain and the distributed economy. We create bespoke learning experiences – from workshops to e-learning –  that bring your teams up to speed. Besides technology, our holistic approach emphasizes the importance of system design, cryptoeconomics and business models.

Token-based System Design

Public blockchain networks need to be carefully designed from the start. The underlying token and cryptoeconomic model must align incentives between ecosystem participants and drive network effects. In conjunction with our academic partners, we develop token-based systems, using scientific modelling techniques.

Public Speaking

We are experienced public speakers. If you’re searching for an expert to speak at your conference or internal event, look no further. Our promise: we focus on great content that adds value. Our talks aren’t ads but nuanced, bespoke answers to your most pressing questions.

Ventures launched

Blockchain Research Accelerator for students, corporates and academics to explore DLT use cases.

First batch successfully started, apply for the 2nd batch!

Linking the crypto economy with local jurisdictions.

The go-to source regarding crypto regulations!

ICO Assessment services and framework already in use and loved by investors.

Website launching soon!


Blockchain Research Accelerator

Our Blockchain Research Accelerator just started with a first batch of 30 research fellows. Our network of DLT experts, leading academics, and professionals – both from innovative blockchain startups and established enterprises – supports our fellows to create high-quality research in a highly dynamic environment. Learn more

Token Classification Framework

The Token Classification Framework helps you to understand the different token types out there, classify them or design your own token


In-depth ICO assessment tool that combines investor-level evaluation criteria to assess and structure ICOs

Blockchain & Telcos

We researched the current state of blockchain & distributed ledger technology in the telco industry and put together an exhaustive report and corresponding workshop. Learn more

Coin Market Reg

Overview of the cryptoeconomy regulations of leading jurisdictions 

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