The Automotive fuelled by Blockchain?


The tremendous hype surrounding Distributed-Ledger-Technologies (DLT) such as blockchain tends to thinly veil that they are still immature within a market that is just emerging. The majority of executives are still looking for clear concepts for success and a detailed understanding of the relevance and value of applications.

Despite many uncertainties, blockchain is bound to impact every vertical and domain of the industry and the digital transformation that is on its way.

The automotive industry has always influenced technological advances and has conversely been influenced by these developments. DLT offers car manufacturers, suppliers and adjacent service providers across the automotive ecosystem, a range of opportunities and potential benefits. DLT is perceived as the enabler for vehicles to receive and carry out all manner of instructions and transactions autonomously, and across multiple constituencies.


Our industry expert Dr. Clara Billek took an inside look on the automotive industry and covers the topics:

  • Blockchain in automotive is still emerging
  • What are the main challenges for blockchain in automotive?
  • Realized use cases in Automotive
  • What are the opportunities for blockchain in automotive?
  • The value and benefits of blockchain in automotive
  • 7 use case groups in Automotive
  • Industry consortia as DLT catalysts
  • Assessing blockchain opportunities and act

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